Lifting Devices

  • Spreader beams – fixed and adjustable 
  • Jib-Cranes, Bridge-Cranes, Loderail
  • Coil Lifters –Telescopic & “C-Hooks”
  • Pipe/Manhole Hooks – “Tea-Cups” & Pipe Lifters
  • Plate & Beam Clamps – Horizontal and Vertical Plate Clamps, Beam/Girder Clamps, Drum Lifting Clamps, Barrier Clamps, Curb Grabs.
  • Crosby Lifting Clamps
  • Magnets/Magnetic Lifting Devices – Sizes Ranging from ~250lb “hand operated” magnets, to Crane suspended Magnet Lifting Devices. Options include radio control and electromagnetic lifting
  • Fork Beams – Single or Dual Lift-truck fork Lifting and Spreader Beams



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